With our tradition as Ex-defense service senior officer manage organization empanelled with registration the private Security Agencies (Registration Act) Act 2005 for providing security personnel. Our diverse involvements in virtually all aspects of security management enable us to provide customized service to our clients to best meet to their needs. We maintain the highest standard of service with our commitment to modern equipment to methodology and regular training capsule for our personnel to meet our latest needs.

Universal Commercial Services is founded in 2012 by a dynamic leader Shri. Samir Shende who posses diverse expertise, skills in security planning & management & other related disciplines. We are supported by our dedicated active field officers possess relevant experience in law enforcement & legal process, in the specific fields of security, surveillances & personal physical protection for high risk individuals .

UCS is licensed by the commissioner of police for the provision & active deployment of well trained security personnel for all segments.

The company's strength is based on our core values of honesty, Integrity & professionalism. The high quality of our service delivered by our staff is the key to our business success. Therefore, continuous self improvement, respect & concern for every member of the company remain as priority.

We were born just 4 Years back but in this short period we have been able to make effective inroads into the security business, particularly in hospitality sector, educational institutions & industrial.

Today our expanse of operations is spread all over the Maharashtra.
Our service sector includes Retail outlets, business houses & agriculture.