Security Services

We place as much emphasis on service as we do on security. We keep things simple, appointing a single dedicated Customer Service Manager (CSM) to look after your business and the Security Officers we assign to your contract.

From the outset, your CSM will work with you to pinpoint your needs, defining and refining a specification that meets the requirements of all stakeholders. Typically, these Assignment Instructions might include:

  • Details of the proposed allocation of staff to cover shift patterns.
  • Identifying specific training needs – both prior to the contract start and ongoing
  • Compliance with the Working Time Directive
  • Liason with local Police and Crime Prevention Officers
  • A schedule of regular meetings and reviews with UCS Manager.

Specialists behind the scenes

You'll also be assigned a UCS Contract Manager. As a matter of principle, we ensure that your contract Manager only looks after a limited number of clients. It's a ratio that's very low compared to others in our industry. In addition, our team of experts in areas such as Health & Safety, Employment Law, Recruitment, Finance, Surveys and Installation, Electronics and more are on hand with support and advice when you need them.

As well as a talented team of security professionals, UCS Security relies on stateof- the-art technology to support its management systems. Time Gate is an advanced solution that enables us to successfully manage staffing levels in real time. Using the system, we can plan routines and special measures in advance, making sure you always have trained personnel in the right place at the right time, together with a backup plan that is ready to swing into action should the unexpected happen.

Regular Reviews

Providing strategic direction to the development of our business, they'll also meet regularly with you to look after yours.

They'll listen to and sort out the big issues, while your dedicated manager works at the coal face. Agreeing and implementing detailed Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for each of the security services you've opted for.Depending on your requirements, the following meetings will be put in place:

Quality Review Meetings

Monthly or quarterly, your CSM will meet with key personnel you have assigned. Also present at least once a quarter will be one of UCS Senior Managers or Directors. These minuted meetings will provide an opportunity to farmally review all aspects of the contract.

Quality Performance Review

Annually, we invite our clients to complete an in-depth questionnaire that covers areas as diverse as training and contract performance, down to feedback on our Officer's appearance and their attitude to staff and visitors.

Quality Audits

We will carry out regular checks to ensure our standards never flag. These Independent audits and carried out by personnel who are not involved in the Contract. UCS Quality, Health & Safety and Trainer will also carry out a separate quarterly review.

SLAs and KPI

Integral to our Security Management systems, these clearly define what we will deliver and monitor how well we do it. Long before you sign a contract with UCS you will know exactly what you can expect from us and what we have committed to. Our Service Level Agreements are tailored to your organisation's needs, to your infrastructure, your premises and your people.

Then, as the contract gets underway, we start to measure these Service Levels using Key Performance Indicators to make sure we meet and exceed your expectations. In the process, we measure the effectiveness of each individual Security Officer as well as our performance overall against the contract's Assignment Instructions and agreed Service Level Agreements.